Friday, October 15, 2010

The Spirit Moves

Tears welled up in my eyes this morning when my Community Bible Study core group leader told me she prayed for me and my daughter. Sounds simple, right? There's more. She specifically prayed for us on Friday night exactly 2 weeks ago. The Lord brought us to her mind that night and she fervently prayed. She didn't know why, so she asked me this morning how things were going.

I had missed CBS last week due to Judah's runny nose. During the last two weeks, a whirlwind tore through our daughter's heart and brought her back to us slowly. I shared with Christianne briefly that the night she prayed was the first night of our daughter's bout of depression that went on for days, affecting the whole family. We've definitely needed prayers! God truly carries us through the tough times, providing the love, prayers, and fellowship of other believers...even when we don't even know it! Wow, I have NEVER experienced the Holy Spirit moving so specifically in my life before!

We discussed John paving the way for Christ's ministry and touched on the Fruits of the Spirit being a manifestation of true faith. Yet it's not what I do, it's what Christ does in me. If He were not in me, why would I bother with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control? What would be the point? How could I even come close to succeeding if it were not for Him? May others see Christ, not me.

One lady from my core group mentioned using the Fruit of the Spirit in disciplining her children. What a great idea! I had learned about "catch them being good" when I pursued my teaching credential, but how wonderful to connect it with God's word. Every time one of her children show that they are being loving, kind, etc., they get a little craft puff ball added to a jar. When the jar is full, they get a special outing with Dad. How cool is that?

It is SO much easier to administer discipline for the negative things. I don't want the kids to come to expect a reward for every good thing they do, but it is nice to get a treat every once in a while. This way, they also learn what the Fruit of the Spirit entails!

Here is little Jadon taking a piano lesson from me last night just before bedtime. I was trying to help him follow along with the music by pointing to his spot on the page, but he said, "I do it myself, Mama." He requested that I get the camera to take a picture and video. :)

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  1. My heart is blessed reading this blog...thank you for writing about your Community Bible Study experience!

    Camilla L. Seabolt, Executive Director