Thursday, February 25, 2010

first Korean word

Josiah: Mama, what does "pongu" mean?
Me: Where did you hear that from?
Josiah: Some kids were saying it at church.

Ok, church friends! Who's kid is teaching my son funky Korean vocabulary?? Hehe.

Here's a shot of some of us from my MOMS Club at today's Kids' Fair. Thanks, Barbara, for making the event happen!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You have TWO feet!

During dinner tonight, Josiah asked me how tall I am. "How much do you measure?"

Me: "5 feet, 2 inches."

Jadon, sitting across from me, then bent down to peer under the table. "You have TWO feet!" he said after counting my feet.

More photos for your viewing pleasure:

Josiah and Jadon in front of Snow White's ride at Disneyland last week.

Judah has Jer's dimples!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

more funnies from my little boys...

more quotes...

I was sitting on the floor with Judah on my lap a couple of days ago.  Josiah and Jadon came running and sat in front of us, smiling and talking with baby Judah. 

Me: "These are your goa-goa's(this means "older brother" in Cantonese).  Say hiii..."
Josiah & Jadon:  "Hii...hi Judah..." (in the sing-song baby voice)
Josiah: "Yeah, we're bad goa-goas."
Me: "Why?"
Josiah: "Because we do bad things like fight all the time."

This morning I thought that the share day item was "something with teeth."  Later, it turns out that I was looking at next week's share item!  Anyway, before dropping him off at preschool, I asked Josiah to look around for something with teeth. 

Josiah: "I don't know what has teeth."
Me: "Um, what about a comb?"
Josiah: "What's a comb?"

HAHAHAHA!!!  Ok, so one of the joys of having boys is being able to shave their hair and NEVER having to worry about combing!  Josiah is almost 5 years old. 

Tonight at dinner...

Jadon: "I finished my milk all."

Ok, this isn't the best pic of Judah because he was getting fussy, but he tried on a potential wedding outfit and I wanted to get a pic.  I bought 2 sets and intend to return one.  One comes with a red vest and the other with a gray vest.  The outfits are identical and I can't decide. shoes, either. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

new to me

I'm an avid Xanga blogger, although posts have waned since 3 kids have taken over my life! Just checking this out to see how I like it.

Recent quotes from the boys...

Josiah: "Pants!" (when asked what word could he think of that starts with the letter F)
Me: huh?
Josiah: "Fu!" (this is Cantonese for 'pants')

Jadon: "You're my BEST friend." (to Josiah)

...and here they are signing Valentine cards for their friends.