Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Poor Jadon

On Sunday after church, we brought lunch home from Jack in the Box. Jadon prayed and thanked God for dinner. :)

M: Jadon, you silly. You always get those mixed up. This is lunch. Later, we have dinner. What's the first meal you have in the morning?

Jadon and Jer: (in unison) Cereal.


Just now Josiah walked down the hall towards the bathroom holding Judah in front of him. Jadon was sitting next to me on the floor playing with Mr. Potato Head.

Josiah: (passing by room) Judah always likes me to hold him.

Me: Judah likes everyone to hold him.

Jadon: (immediately) Except me.

Me: (hugging him) But I like to hold YOU, Jadon!