Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Growing up

Here are my favorite t-ball Phillies! Can you tell them apart? :)

I absolutely LOVE that they are on the same team. Praise God for this unanticipated blessing! At first we tried to have Josiah on the same team as his friend, but that didn't work out so I requested to have both of my boys on the same team. Yay!!! We don't have to try to be at two places at once!

Little Judah is growing up, too, saying a few words here and there. He's learning sign so easily now, too! I gotta keep those synapses going and not fall behind on those signs! Poor Judah gets way less attention than the first two boys. He's now taken to running around the house instead of merely toddling. He loves playing with his big brothers as they make him laugh!

We're still trying to catch up with growing up into being parents of a teenage girl. God graciously gives us the words to say and the wisdom in when to say them whenever issues arise. We love our Jackie and are thankful she chooses to stay despite our hundreds of mistakes in parenting her! :)