Thursday, February 11, 2010

more funnies from my little boys...

more quotes...

I was sitting on the floor with Judah on my lap a couple of days ago.  Josiah and Jadon came running and sat in front of us, smiling and talking with baby Judah. 

Me: "These are your goa-goa's(this means "older brother" in Cantonese).  Say hiii..."
Josiah & Jadon:  "Hii...hi Judah..." (in the sing-song baby voice)
Josiah: "Yeah, we're bad goa-goas."
Me: "Why?"
Josiah: "Because we do bad things like fight all the time."

This morning I thought that the share day item was "something with teeth."  Later, it turns out that I was looking at next week's share item!  Anyway, before dropping him off at preschool, I asked Josiah to look around for something with teeth. 

Josiah: "I don't know what has teeth."
Me: "Um, what about a comb?"
Josiah: "What's a comb?"

HAHAHAHA!!!  Ok, so one of the joys of having boys is being able to shave their hair and NEVER having to worry about combing!  Josiah is almost 5 years old. 

Tonight at dinner...

Jadon: "I finished my milk all."

Ok, this isn't the best pic of Judah because he was getting fussy, but he tried on a potential wedding outfit and I wanted to get a pic.  I bought 2 sets and intend to return one.  One comes with a red vest and the other with a gray vest.  The outfits are identical and I can't decide. shoes, either. 


  1. The red looks nice, it seems festive!

  2. Red Pops! :) I took me 4 months to even try "pants" on Lucas... I just love his footies too much!

  3. Hey Jen, I prefer footies, too, but for weddings I'll make an exception. Hehe.