Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jer was giving a hug to Josiah this morning in bed.

Jer: I love my 5-year-old.
Josiah: (they got up to walk to the boys' room) I love my 31-year-old.

He actually remembered his Baba's age!

One day this week I walked out of my garage and looked for the boys, who were playing outside in front of the house. I looked to my left and was horrified! Josiah was pulling up his pants and proceeded to button them. He had just peed on my neighbor's front yard! WHY???????? We live right next door!


Josiah: Why does ice melt?
Me: Because if it's not cold enough, it melts.
Josiah: Why don't we melt?

We have fun with our little boys and on the other end of the spectrum, our teenage daughter just got asked out for the first time to her homecoming dance. She is so excited and so are we! And we're learning just how EXPENSIVE formal dresses are, in addition to everything else that goes along with attending a nice dance... :)

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