Saturday, June 12, 2010

It did it by itself!

One morning while we were still asleep, Jadon walked in and stood next to my side of the bed.

J: My pants are wet.
M: Oh no, did you pee in your pants?
J: No.
M: Did you pee in your bed?
J: No, it did it by itself.

Date nights were a distant memory for Jer and me until last week. Jer collaborated with Todd, asking him to babysit every couple of weeks or so. I started seeing random dinner dates posted up on my google calendar that Jer and I share. Hmmm...we've never talked about going out, I thought.

Last week was our first date night and will be followed by more every couple of weeks or so. What a sweet husband I have! Thanks so much, Jer! It gives us time to re-connect without the distraction of tending to our little ones' needs.

The night began with Jeremy being awarded a photography prize at the Placentia City Council meeting. We never even knew this room existed!

The council was gracious and presented the awards at the beginning of the meeting so we were able to leave without having to sit in on the rest of the political matters. :) Our friend Thea urged Jer to enter by bringing the entry forms to our house. Thanks, Thea! Here are the first-place winners in each category and division:

After the award presentation, we went to Wood Ranch for dinner. I had a yummy prime rib, although nothing beats the prime rib at The Shadows! Jer had ribs and something else that was also enjoyable. I love my husband!

My first little baby boy is done with preschool. His last day was Thursday and all the families were invited for a hot dog lunch. Josiah had so much fun this past year with Mrs. Killian and his new friends. Now homeschooling Kindergarten awaits me. We'll see how it goes. I trust God will give me whatever it takes to teach this little boy and guide him in the ways of the Lord. I will be on my knees!

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