Monday, June 14, 2010

another tangent...

As I was helping Jadon (age 3) finish lunch today, he said:

Jadon: I want to wash the dishes!

Me: Ok, one day you can wash all the dishes and I won't have to anymore. Would you like that?

Jadon: Yeah!

Me: *chuckle*

Josiah chimes in: And then you won't have anyone to take care of anymore...except Judah. THEN you can have another baby!

Me: *laughing* You'd like that, huh?

Josiah: Yeah, I want a girl.

Me: Well you'll have to ask God because I'm not in charge.


  1. haha! those boys are so smart. the showed me how to trigger the music in brandon's book. i love them :) thanks for coming over yesterday.