Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Marriage discussion

Discussing the servant's search for Isaac's wife in Genesis.

Josiah: Why did they need to find a wife that was a relative of Abraham.

Me: So they would know that she loves God.  You will also need to pray for a wife who loves God if you get married one day.

Josiah: I don't think I'll remember that from right now.  It's so far away.  Maybe 10 years?

Me: Don't worry.  We'll talk about it a lot.  I will definitely talk about it with you a lot over the years.  Well, you will start to like girls maybe in 10 years.

Josiah: I already like girls.

Me: Well, I mean in a different way.  Not just as friends.

Josiah: How?

Me: Like you will start thinking about falling in love and getting married.  Not just a regular friendship.

(Don't want to delve into that topic yet.  It's so sweet that everyone is just a friend now.  Ah, precious childhood.)

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