Sunday, February 12, 2012

Childlike faith

Last night Josiah came up to me before heading to bed.  He asked me to look under his upper lip.  I looked and there was nothing there.  He then ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror, then returned and exclaimed, "God healed it!"  I had no idea anything was wrong but I gladly celebrated with him by saying, "That's so great!"  Apparently there was a red mark or scratch there earlier in the day.

While we teach our children to be thankful for everything, I don't think I would so readily exclaim that God healed me right after everything seems ok.  I would probably move on and just be glad that my illness or wound is finally done with.  But yes, God heals!  I should be just as quick to thank the One who made us.  Thank you, Josiah, for reminding me!

Here's my boy playing in a recital yesterday.  I forgot to record from the beginning, so it's way short.  His posture is awful because he's using the pedal and I don't have one of those fancy pedal boxes made for tiny students.

And here he is hanging out in a tree in front of the church, anxious to get some play time after sitting about 45 minutes for a whole recital!

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