Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Judah's 2-year stats

My boys are all tiny, and Judah is no exception.  He was below the charts for the past year and finally, the doctor was ecstatic today!  He pointed to the curve on the chart and Judah's plot at 7% for weight.  Poor little guy got one vaccination on his left thigh.  He got a Snoopy bandage for his bravery.  (Actually, I held him down and all he saw was my face.)  The nurse quickly gave the injection and Judah immediately started crying.  It lasted only about a minute before he sadly said, "Owie..." as he pointed to his thigh.

7.81% of growth percentile based on weight-for-age.   5th or more is normal. 
12.77% of growth percentile based on stature-for-age.
10.12% of growth percentile based on head circumference-for-age.

Here's my #3 bewildered about having this gown on.

And here he is with his crazy big brothers who like to swipe the items found around the exam room...like the gloves and tongue depressors.  Yes, that's a safety hazard to leave him alone on the exam table...

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