Saturday, October 1, 2011

Two Milestones

1. Josiah lost his first tooth!
Josiah: Mama, is the tooth fairy real?
Me: (hesitating) No.
Josiah: It's just for fun?
Me: Yeah, it's just for fun.

I'm so glad he was totally fine with that! He was telling me earlier about his friend Collin who received $5 from the tooth fairy last year. I said he would definitely not be getting $5!

Later on before bedtime...

Jadon: Is Goa-Goa going to put his tooth under his pillow?
Me: Probably
Josiah: Mama, can I have a reward for my tooth?
Me: We'll see. I have to talk with Baba about it first.

2. Judah poops in the toilet now! (Well, at least for the last couple of days...)

Judah: Poo-poo
Me: Ok, let's go to the chee-sau (bathroom in Chinese)
Judah: Tay! (ok)

I sat with him on the first day, left him alone for the second day, then sat with him today! Yay! He's 5 days shy of being 22-months old. I hope this continues so there will be no more diapers to buy!

And here are all three of the boys on a walk around the block with Misty, then playing soccer in the front yard.


  1. Oh so cute, Michelle. Thanks for passing on this blog! I would love to hear all the stories. God bless you as a wise Mommy and Jeremy as a godly Daddy! xoxo to the boys from Auntie.