Sunday, February 6, 2011


Ah yes, another round of coughs has landed in the Yang household. This time, it reached me. It's been a while since I've been inside the whole day, trying to rest and recover. I miss church. I think we've been out of town for 3 weekends, and now this is the 4th that we won't be there due to those darn germs that go around in winter and preschools!

My sweet husband and daughter served me by taking care of the boys and meals. Now, Jeremy is taking Jackie and Josiah to watch a play. Jackie wandered around a theater yesterday afternoon and met a director, who said he would give her two seats to tonight's show. She wanted to take both boys, but I told her that Jadon would not last 2 hours.

I reflect on how God has brought Jeremy and me into foster parenting. It's something we never thought we'd do, yet how funny that we are in this position! There's a need (a child needing a home and family) and God gave us means to meet that need, so there you go.

We originally wanted to adopt a little girl from China, but at the time we wanted to apply, Jeremy wasn't old enough. During one summer when we were church-hopping in 2007, Olive Crest and adoption stories swarmed around us from the pulpit from at least 3 different churches. God planted a seed in our hearts. I kept an Olive Crest flyer at home for several months. Why not look into Olive Crest to adopt?

We called to set up an initial interview. I wanted to start the certification classes right away, but the agency made us wait until Jadon was a year old. So we waited and began as soon as we could. 5 months later, we were certified and anxious for our first call. Josiah was 3 and Jadon was 17-months-old.

Since our profile stated that we wanted to fost-adopt an Asian baby girl between ages 0-2, chances were slim that there would be a match. We then became short-term and emergency shelter foster parents.

An 18-month-old Caucasian girl came first in July of 2008, staying for 5 months and returned home just shy of her 2nd birthday. Then two weeks later (January 2009), a 2-year-old Latina girl stayed for two weeks. A month after that, a BIG and happy 3-month-old Samoan/Latino baby boy came for two weeks. June of 2009 brought a 2.5-year-old Latino boy for a month. In August, Kristy called once again, knowing that I was getting closer to my due date, saying that there was a 10-month-old Caucasian girl needing a home for possibly only a month. The curly-headed blondie stayed with us until two weeks before Judah was born. She was then transferred to another foster home for another 8 months before going back to her mommy.

Whew! After Judah was born, we thought we would take a little break since I was so tired and didn't think I could handle another little one. So instead, God gave us a 15-year-old Chinese girl!

Through foster parenting, the Lord has brought us to places in our marriage and parenting that we NEVER thought we would experience. I mean, who would want to get rejected over and over again by a child you suddenly became a parent to? Who would want to keep persevering, knowing that the child doesn't even want to be a part of your family?

Well, Jesus did all that for us! He died for us and called us His own even though we were not Jews, the chosen children. Even though we shook our hands at Him, He loved us. That is why we continue. There are so many children right here needing homes and loving families. So many children who need the gospel! They need unconditional love, support, parents, siblings, etc.

It is most certainly NOT an easy road. Like parenting, foster and adoptive parenting will turn your lives upside-down and twisted around. Some issues are minor, some are glaringly major. We make a TON of mistakes, yet we continue to pray that God's work is done. Even though we started out with a different goal - international adoption, God placed us where we are now and we would have it no other way.

I guess I've been thinking a lot, lately! This is way longer than anticipated...

Some photos from January:

Lake Arrowhead weekend with the Shears. They have 3 little boys, just like us! Who would have thunk? :) Here are the Daddies and the boys.

Jadon's Dad n' Me Day at his preschool.

Our sweet neighbor Mary Jo, whose house sold in just 2 weeks one week ago! We'll miss her terribly! She's been a great help to me, always willing to sit at my house for 10-20 minutes while the kids nap if I have to run a quick errand.

Moms Night Out with my MOMS Club at The Melting Pot. YUM!!!

Yang Family Lake Arrowhead trip

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