Friday, September 10, 2010

into September...

I gotta say I love the routine of school finally starting this week! We started 10th grade, Kindergarten, and Preschool. God has given me the wonderful opportunity of homeschooling Josiah this year. Don't know if we'll continue, but we'll take it one year at a time.

As we were doing some school work yesterday, we had a little conversation:

Me: Do you like that I'm your teacher?
Josiah: Yeah, I wish you could always be my teacher.
Me: Do you like me being your teacher better or going to preschool?
Josiah: I like it here because I can have a lollipop. (while doing his work)

It has definitely been a challenge trying to get organized. I still haven't succeeded, but thankfully the Lord gives grace! I just hope Josiah learns all he's supposed to learn this year. :)

Jadon loves Mrs. Perrin, his new preschool teacher. Yesterday he told me he played with a new friend named Sophia.

Our daughter "Jerry" has been making tons of friends at her new school. Praise God! We're so happy she's enjoying her "white" school. Hehe. Last year she went to a predominantly Asian high school so she wasn't sure what to expect.

Little Judah had to go without my milk for the past few days. Poor guy is all out of sorts with gross diapers, etc. Since I had to get a radio isotope injected in me on Wednesday for a few diagnostic scans, he couldn't drink my milk. Hopefully he will get better soon. No more pumping beginning tomorrow! Yay!

One night this week after Josiah showered, I threw his robe on him and he told me to dry his head first.

Josiah: "Baba said always to dry my head first, not my legs."
Me: (laughing) Baba has all sorts of rules, huh?
Josiah: Yeah, sometimes he's wrong; sometimes he's right.

I got such a kick out of that! Jer cracked up when I told him later on.

Me: What's our state flower?
Jerry: Cauliflower, right?

Jer has been working so hard these days. September and October are really busy for him at work. It works out perfectly that he drops Jerry off at school, then heads off to work early for some uninterrupted time to get things done! I love my husband.

Tomorrow is our 11-year anniversary of the day we started dating. Yes, 9/11. Not a wonderful day to remember since 2001, but still our anniversary. My how the Lord has grown us through marriage and life! Who knew we would argue a lot? Who knew we would have sadness? Who knew God would put in us a desire to foster children? Who knew we would have a family of 6 in our house right now? Who knew God would strengthen our love for each other more than we had ever known before? Who knew our youngest son would have Baba's exact dimples? GOD knew!

I love you, Jer Bear! Thank you for loving me and putting up with me all these years. :)

Been working on our Japan photo book the past few days. It's fun to relive the memories of our March trip with Judah. Felt like another honeymoon since we were able to pick up and go as we pleased!
Excited about CBS starting next week! I absolutely love this local Bible Study and how God uses it to keep me accountable to reading His Word. Forgot what we will be studying this year... The boys love it, too, since the children's program is like a preschool Sunday School. They are split up by age and the lessons are written accordingly. Their teachers pray for them each week and truly love their little souls. photos this time. just many thoughts...

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