Sunday, May 23, 2010

the lotto

One day last week Josiah asked a random question:

J: Mama, what's the Lotto?

M: The Lotto? Where did you learn that word from?

J: I told Baba that I wished he could stay home today and he said when he wins the Lotto, he would be able to stay home everyday.

M: (chuckling out loud) Oh! If you win the Lotto, you win a lot of money so some people might not have to work anymore.

J: Oh.

A few months ago Jadon wanted to take a toy from the car into Ms. Heidi's class. It's a mommy and me preschool-type class we attend together.

M: Jadon, we're going to leave that toy in the car, ok?

J: Why?

M: Because Ms. Heidi has lots of toys in her class so we don't need anymore.

J: (quickly putting his toy back into the car) That makes sense, Mama.

M: (smiling) That makes sense?

J: Yeah, that makes sense.

M: Ok, let's go!

One day Josiah was singing a song with lyrics from a Bible verse.

J: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart..."

M: Do you know what trust means?

J: No.

M: It's when you believe something or someone. When you know that it is true. Like you trust that Mama will pick you up from school when it's time to go home. You know that I'll be there.

J: Like when Sally says, "I trust Lightning McQueen?"

M: What?

J: When Doc is talking with Sally. He said, "Who do you trust?" And she says, "I trust Lightning McQueen."

M: Yeah, like that!

And Judah can't talk yet, but here he is trying to eat cereal for the first time. It was quite funny watching him try to lick it all in, but not figuring out how to get it into the back of his mouth to swallow!

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  1. i missed the boys this weekend :) gu-fu can hang out w/ josiah more, too, if we won the lotto :)